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Empathy North West is a non-profit organisation based in Wigan that offers therapeutic intervention to individuals, couples, families, and children. We offer confidential counselling sessions to individuals and groups tailored to suit your needs. Our qualified team will work with you to find the perfect approach to address your needs. You can self refer by calling 03033031333 or emailing

We are a non-profit organisation therefore, we rely on the kind donations provided by the generous members of our community. However, we always need more help! If you think you could spare some change or want to share our cause with your contacts feel free to navigate through the handy links below.

Our Rooms

Here at Empathy, we provide comfortable rooms designed to let each of our clients relax and feel safe. Each of our rooms is based on the power of colour and it's effect on people's moods. 

Tulip 2.jpg

The Tulip Room

Our blue Tulip room represents serene and calmness. 

Poppy Room.jpg

The Poppy Room

Red is associated with energy, strength, passion and love. Red is a very emotionally intense colour, that enhances human metabolism.

Lilac Room.jpg

The Lilac Room

With a sense of mystery and royal qualities, purple is a colour often liked by creative people. 


The purple room is very special to us at Empathy Northwest. A very special lady who sadly passed away in 2016, loved the colour. At her funeral, she kindly asked those closest to her that in lieu of flowers they provide a donation to us here at Empathy Northwest as she truly believed in our work with Mental Health. We are extremely grateful for her support and she will truly be missed.

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