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What is Creative Art Therapy?


Creative Art/play therapy is based on the theory that playing is a child's natural way of learning, communicating and making sense of the world around them. In the process of growing up, children like adults face challenges and sometimes need extra support getting through the 'difficult times'.


Creative Art therapy sessions provide a safe, confidential environment for a child to explore and express their feeling and emotions and make sense of their experiences.


Creative Art Therapy in Practice


Here at Empathy Northwest, we offer both individual and group sessions.


We take a non-directive approach to creative art therapy. This is so the child can lead the play during the individual sessions. Group therapy is more structured and tailored to meet the needs of each group. Our role is to keep the child safe and to establish a trusting relationship.


Our role is also to use therapeutic skills to understand their emotions and difficulties and use reflective language and actions to help them see and gain insights into their own behaviors.


Creative Art Therapy: Who Can Benefit?


  • Children who have been subjected to abuse or who have suffered from neglect

  • Children who have experienced loss through bereavement, family breakdown or separation from culture or origin

  • Children who have behavioral difficulties, pent-up anger and frequent tantrums

  • Children who have a learning difficulty, disability or on the autistic spectrum

  • Children who present with low self-esteem, depression or social withdrawal

  • Children who suffer from attachment difficulties, clinging and anxiety

  • Children who have nightmares, self-harm, bed wet or have phobias, eating disorders or OCD

  • Children who have been bullied/being bullied, have poor school attendance, or risk of exclusion

  • Children who struggle to communicate, develop friendships and become at risk of isolation


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